Thursday, April 9, 2009


:D just a preview before i get the actual 1st 5 pages done and posted in full color.

This is all very new to me as its my first attempt at telling a story in a comic book fashion. I'm gonna use this as a way to try and learn the craft for the next book i'll be plunging myself into. To personally see what works and what doesn't, the goods and the bads. Not just for the story but also visually, so colour, cleaning up, composition, paneling and all that jazz.

I hope to learn from everybodies input while i try and entertain you guys with my attempt at telling a story. :D So be sure to let me know what you guys think!

That being said, thanks for dropping by and check back again in early May for the first 5 pages. And then i'll try and do a page per week after that to keep things flowing. :D alright!!! lets do this thing! :D ......*goes back to colouring !